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Have you ever wanted to know what the official rules to many of the beer drinking games actually are. Because of the nature of Beer (and other alcohol related) drinking games, some of these rules get changed, altered or just plain forgotten. This is our best record of the favorite drinking games from over 100 years of combine drinking game experiance.

Our website title "100Beers" comes from an event type tournament that we have participated in. But, like every game we played we had differing rules, and in fact had a completely different game that was pretending to be the game that we all knew. We had one player who believed a Beer Century was 100 one once shots of beer in 100 minutes, while the rest of the group insisted it was 100 - 12 oz bottles (or cans) of beer in one weekend. We had to set down the rules in advance to make sure we did not have disputes later. This website is the final product of those disputes, and is meant to be the final set of rules for each game.



Don't Drink alone!
Beer and alcohol use can be dangerious, don't drink alone, and make sure your friends are watching out for you. Besides, its much more fun to party with your friends!

Help Us!
We are always looking for reader input. New games are being developed every day by readers just like you. Send us your games and rules, and we will credit you on description page. And if we really think you have submitted something really special, we'll send you a free t-shirt!



Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

-Ernest Hemingway